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With the exception of the welcoming faces you'll see in the office, our staff works from JVA one day a week and schedules their other 8 hour days between 7am and 10pm Monday through Friday to best serve and support students. We follow the same Jeffco calendar as the rest of the district so our days off and breaks align.  Click here to view our 2019-2020 Calendar.  All of our staff works full-time for JVA, unless it's indicated below they're adjunct. In that case, they are part-time teachers and work remotely.

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Last Name First Name Position Phone Email
Barmore Sandra TAG Coordinator 720-446-9618
Bennecke Chris Social Studies • English 720-583-5147
Black  Janni Computer Science 720-443-2525
Broberg Joelle Assistant Principal 303-982-6337 
Boehm Kristen Spanish 720-663-9451
Chick Alex Art 303-982-3592
Cole  Tricia Math 707-432-7114
Ditallo Hannah School Psychologist 720-336-8335
Donnel Cheryl Math 720-378-8655
Edwards Kris Music • Adjunct  720-385-7676
Erholtz Brandy Electives • Adjunct 720-989-1302
Frost Christine Nurse 303-982-7575
Graham Susan English • Adjunct 303-982-5081
Harr Jennifer Social Studies  
Health • Adjunct
Heinigk Penelope
7th Grade GT English  German • Adjunct
Hetzel Kassidy Instructional Coach  English 9 720-583-5565
Hobkirk Mari Science 720-722-1236
Hohman Bernard Principal 303-982-5056 Office
720-432-7517 Cell  
Holloway Rachael French 720-507-0666
Hyatt Kelly Counselor 720-509-9257
Humphreys Sheila Math • Adjunct 303-982-3271 Office
303-358-4806 Cell
Jimenez Suzanne Counselor
Andy Middle School Social Studies  720-515-8337
Leadford Meghan Social Studies  TAG 720-583-4758
Letvin Brita Health • Adjunct 303-982-3639
Loftus Becky Spanish • Adjunct 720-413-6801
Long Laura English 720-295-4028
Mace Laura 7th Grade GT Social Studies • Adjunct 970-363-4839
McCarthy Charlie Middle School Math  Creative Writing 720-509-9668
Suzanne Post-Secondary  
Career Coordinator 
Milliken Susan Counselor
Mitchell Shannon Community Liaison 720-515-2572  
Mustin Cori Registrar •  Clinic Aide 303-982-3301
Neely Jason Math  TAG 303-870-4205 
O'Donnell Cathy Learning Specialist 303-489-9283
Pallai Andrea Learning Specialist  720-507-8833
Penny Kelly Campus Security 303-982-9980 
Jacqueline Middle School Science 720-352-6477
Schorr Lena Physical Education 414-563-7497
Self  Ryan Social Studies •  Instructional Technology Coordinator 720-808-0956 
Sklenar Terrie Principal Secretary •   Financial Secretary 303-982-4058
Smith Rita Attendance Secretary 303-982-6770
Sopiarz-Rianda Lucy English  TAG 720-588-3031
Stroup Gwen Math 720-443-0626
Swindell Kelly Community Liaison 720-984-1159
Walker  Craig 7th Grade GT Science •   Adjunct 303-982-6290
Taylor-Westwood Marcee English 720-254-1779
Valentine Rose English 303-982-4408
White Sally Introduction to Foods •   Adjunct 303-982-7096
Yarletts Brady 7th Grade GT Math •   Adjunct 614-329-9444 
Zajac Beck Lynee' Science 303-900-2091

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